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Scientific and communicative training

On March 26, a scientific and communicative training “Modern educational trends: how to prepare yourself for change” was held for students of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

The training was conducted by the Department of Pedagogy in the framework of the traditional University Days of Science.

How educational reforms influence the educational process in the Ukrainian school, what main trends do modern scientists and teachers practice distinguish in this direction, are pupils, students, teachers, parents, heads of educational institutions ready for such changes, and finally how best to prepare themselves to the challenges of time for future specialists in the field of education – these topical issues were addressed by the participants of the scientific and communicative training. They were second-year students majoring in “Secondary Education. Physical Culture” and “Secondary Education. Human Health”. The trainer was the assistant professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Inna Ivanovna Kurlyschuk.

Considering modern trends in education, it was emphasized that, first of all, they relate to technologies and processes of integration, creativity and mobility of all participants in the educational process.

Students participated in an interactive discussion of problematic issues. During the lively discussion among the main educational trends were identified: new educational content, multi-channel education, lifelong learning, active learning, gamification and personification.

Speaking about one of the main questions of the training “What should a new generation teacher be?”, the participants answered that a teacher should not just be ready to constantly develop and study, take responsibility to prepare young people for life in conditions of uncertainty, but also the main thing is to be able to give your heart to children.

Thanks to the training, students received a lot of knowledge, which will help them in the future professional activity.


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