Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Volleyball competitions in the “Sports Festival”

On March 26, volleyball competitions were held as part of the “Sports Festival”.  

Due to the non-appearance of the women’s teams of the Lysychansk Pedagogical College and the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the tournament was postponed to April 23. Certain changes occurred in the competition of men’s teams. Instead of volleyball players of the Lysychansk Pedagogical College, which did not appear, the combined team of military personnel was allowed.

The main goal of the “Festival of Sports” is to summarize the results of the academic year and physical education, this is the definition of the best teams and athletes, as well as the formation of skills in judging in a chosen sport. Volleyball showed that the students have problems in judging, they need to learn the rules of the competition.

As for the games, the teams demonstrated a good-quality game; and every year the skill level of the players grows. Best of all, the gaming quality was demonstrated by the combined team of colleges and the Regional Center for Vocational Education based in Starobilsk.

The team consisting of Danylo Pysanyi, Bohdan Ruzhyn, Egor Kornienko, Maksym Popov, Ilia Svystunov, Yaroslav Kuvichka and Danylo Romakh did not give any chances to their rivals, overcoming them with the same score of 2: 0. The team showed excellent results thanks to the reliable play of their leaders Danylo Pysanyi and Bohdan Ruzhyn. These experienced volleyball players played reliably and confidently in the especially crucial moments.

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