Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Girls compete

Football performed by the girls made its debut in the “Festival of Sports”.

The combined teams of the colleges and the Regional Center for Vocational Education (city of Starobilsk), the Lysychansk Pedagogical College and the combined team of the faculties and institutes “Univer” determined their winner. Football performed by girls is a lot of emotions on the court and the thirst for victory.

As this tournament, the Lysychansk futsal players demonstrated a fairly decent game. It is worth noting their well-established command actions and well-aimed shots at the goals of their leader Arina Ivannikova, who during two games forced the goalkeeper to get the ball out of their gates. Arina became the best scorer.

The team from Lysychansk confidently outplayed their rivals in the first match with a score of 5:0, and then bet the team “Univer” with a score of 6:1.

In the fight for the second place, the combined team of colleges and the RCVE defeated the team “Univer” with a score of 2:0.  The best player was Arina Ivannikova.

The grand opening of the “Festival of Sports” took place between men’s and women’s games. The Rector of the University Serhii Savchenko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. Yelyzaveta Bespala and Dmytro Voronkov pleased everyone with their songs. The audience met with applauses the youth club “Eaglet”, a group “Fitness and Aerobics”, which performed two dances.

At these competitions, there was a debut of the cheerleader teams of the Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College and Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism (ICSTT). Also there were dance performances of Nadtochy sisters from the ICSTT. 


Chairman of the Sports Club,
Petro Yaroshenko

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