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Meeting of the club «ProfClub»

On March 19, the first-second year students majoring in Social Work (Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences) attended the meeting of the club “ProfClub” in the Starobilsk District Employment Center.

There, they had the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of the labor process of a “cook”, “a complex service repairer”, an office employee (accounting), requirements for professional training of a worker, and opportunities for professional growth, because social work in the field of employment is an integral part of social protection for various target groups and population categories.

Unemployment as a social problem is an object of social work, carried out both within the framework of national programs for overcoming unemployment and in the form of activities of social service institutions for the unemployed including regional employment centers. Unemployment is a complex economic, social and psychological phenomenon.

The marathon of working (current) professions has been held in Starobilsk District Employment Center not the first year. The goal of the marathon is effective vocational guidance work with students, the formation of pupils’ motivation to work and the conscious choice of profession, taking into account the needs of the labor market. The help of a social worker is aimed directly at protecting the rights and interests of the unemployed people, improving their living conditions and removing unwanted mental states.

The excursion was conducted by the leading specialist of the active support department for the unemployed, A.S. Verkhovod. Students received clear answers to all their questions.


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