Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Pedagogical Mastery”

The Department of Preschool and Primary Education organized and conducted the competition “Pedagogical Mastery” for students.

On the eve of spring, future teachers and primary school teachers demonstrated their creative abilities in the framework of the “Pedagogical Mastery” event, which was organized by the Department of Preschool and Primary Education under the guidance of A.P. Zazharska.

The students presented themselves in the contest “Business card”, had to give answers to the deeply philosophical questions of children, showed fragments of integrated lessons, modeled a portrait of an ideal teacher, and even became real actors in the “Creative Fairy Tale” competition. Thus, the participants had to not only demonstrate their knowledge and skills, but also reincarnate in fairy characters.

The jury (S.O. Bader, M.A. Epikhina, O.O. Kravchishina, O.V. Slobodian, Ye. Shkarupa) also had a difficult task because it was very difficult to determine the winner of the competition. The commission noted the best students who became Karina Borisenko (third-year student majoring in Pre-school Education) and Kateryna Kovalenko (third-year student majoring in Primary Education).

Congratulations to the participants and winners! We wish you inspiration and new creative achievements!


According to the Department of Preschool and Primary Education

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