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Excursion to the archive

Students majoring in “Information, Library and Archival Business” took a tour of the archive.

So, on February 22, students majoring in “Information, Library and Archival Business”, Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College of LTSNU,  visited the Archive Sector of Starobilsk Regional State Administration.

During the tour, the head of the archival sector Larisa Pasko and the director of the labor archive Iryna Statsenko told about the history of the archive and the organization of the work of the archives.

The archival sector staff prepared an exhibition “Archive – a treasury of the history of Starobilsk land”, in which documents were selected, including: copies of the district newspaper in 1947-1949, “Summary information of losses caused to citizens of Starobilsk district”, “Information about the damages caused to agriculture and industry  of Starobilsk district”, “Acts of atrocities of the invaders over civilians and prisoners of war in the city for the period from July 12, 1942 to January 23, 1943”, “Acts of tortured and executed citizens n Starobilsk district for the period of occupation”, “Lists of citizens taken to Germany” and others.

Such events provide an opportunity for future professionals to get acquainted in practice with the features of the archive, the requirements for the storage and restoration of documents.

In general, conducting excursions strengthens the “science – education – production” chain, which increases the graduate’s competitiveness level.

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