Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Participation in the show program

Students of the Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences took part in the show program “Lovey-dovey or the third wheel”.

In the Starobilsk youth library, they conducted a show-program “Lovey-dovey or the third wheel”. Spring mood reigned in the hall. Despite the frosts increased at the end of February, the hot ardor of our students did not leave the audience and participants indifferent to the action. Who will be the third wheel? And who of them will receive the main prize?

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences of LTSNU Oleksandra Birko, Kyrylo Vereshchaiev, Andrii Gorostovych and Angelika Lopatka amazed everyone with their acting skills and ability to find non-standard solutions to the intricate tasks of the competition. Kyrylo skillfully braided the hair of a little girl, Andrii was noted in the intellectual competition, the girls were the best in the kitchen and in the dances. Vibes of love raged, viruses of good mood, energy exploded with laughter, and spring was approaching in the air.

Karyna Vlasova and Margarita Runkevych conquered the audience with their romantic singing and grace. In reading poetry, there was no equal to Albina Kravchenko, who recited her own poems.

Good mood, cheerful laughter and applause sounded throughout the action. Students demonstrated ingenuity, intelligence, friendly support of each other.


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