Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Memorial Evening “Heavenly Hundred Heroes”

On February 20, 2019, the students of the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies gathered to honor the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes in the city of Rubizhne.

The meeting of students began with the anthem of Ukraine. Then the first-year students Anastasia Arsenyev and Klim Skovpin told about those terrible events.

They started with memories of a participant in those events, Svitlana Melnichenko, a musician by training, who went to the Independence Square after beating students. The students had the opportunity to watch her video memories of life on the Maidan, about meeting with death and about the mission of Svitlana.

Then, in more detail, students learned about the deceased Heavenly Hundred Hero Ihor Kostenko, a journalist of “Sportanalytik”, who lived in the Ternopil region. He was 23 years old when his life was cut short by a sniper’s bullet on Institutska Street near the October Palace.

They also remembered another hero, Nazar Y. Voytovich, who loved painting, was interested in Cossacks. He arrived on the Maidan on February 20 and died from a sniper’s bullet.

Students can learn about other heroes at https://nebesnasotnya.com/ address, which was distributed in the official telegram channel of the ER IPMIT.

The events on the square caused a review in the hearts of the artists, and they gave them songs. one of such songs was listened to by the students of the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology, namely the song-prayer “For the Living and Strangers …” performed by the “Fifth Ocean” and Oksana Slivka.

The meeting requiem ended with a minute of silence.

The students expressed the hope that the citizens of Ukraine are smart enough to preserve the heritage of Maidan, the path chosen in 2014 will help preserve the state integrity and independence of the country!

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