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Effective fake vs imperfect truth

Students-journalists and teachers of LTSNU learned how to distinguish fakes from truth during the training “Effective fake vs imperfect truth: what does society believe?”

On February 15, with the assistance of the University Management, a student visit was organized in the city of Rubizhne to take part in the training “Effective fake vs imperfect truth: what does society believe?”. It was held within the project “Improving the quality of information in the local media and the ability of journalists and students of the Luhansk region to determine fake news and propaganda through trainings, seminars and publications”, which is carried out by the Tribune NGO with the support of the Canadian Foundation and the support of local initiatives. Such events allow you to expand the range of knowledge and open up new opportunities.

The participants of the training were students-journalists, teachers of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University and pupils of Rubizhne schools wishing to become journalists in the future.

The coach was Yevgen Bondarenko, a media expert and head of the Media-Patriots School. He told why there is a distortion of the facts, what is the main purpose of the fake news and how such news is dangerous. They also talked about the classification of fakes, how they affect the psyche and behavior of a person, what feelings form and what is their main goal. During the training, participants tried to analyze the fake news of 2013-2014, sorted them out by points, looking for methods that journalists used to spread false information.

Thanks to the training, students received a lot of knowledge that will be useful to them during their professional activities. Journalistic skills have been formed over the years, and the experience received during the discussion and analysis of fakes is an invaluable treasure in the activities of a journalist.


Serhii Teriaev,
Press Center of LTSNU

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