Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Camouflage net

Another camouflage net for military personnel from students.

On February 17, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences without changing their traditions handed over another camouflage net to the military men in the front line. We hope that the valentine’s cards made by students will be a surprise for our defenders.

During the meeting with the military, we met with volunteers from the city of Kamianetz-Podolskyi. An unplanned but very pleasant acquaintance took place. It was on Sunday that volunteers from Khmelnytskyi region Lyubov Savvlyva, Serhii Palianichenko, and their seven-year-old daughter Sofiika came to our city. The initiator of our acquaintance was the volunteer center “Starobilsk spiders” in the room of which the communication took place. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the married coouple from Kamianets shared their work experience with our volunteers: they told about the beginning of their help and how their military is now organized.

In turn, Artem Gurtovy, chairman of the student self-government of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, spoke about the work of our volunteers and invited new friends to a mini-tour of the University, during which the educational buildings and the premises in which our students made camouflage nets were viewed. Serhii Palianichenko shared with the students some tricks on weaving camouflage nets.

Then, the volunteers, along with their new friends, went to the local cemetery, where they honored the memory of the fighters who died for a free Ukraine.

The meeting turned out to be very interesting and useful for both students and guests.


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