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Valentine’s Day at the ER IPES

An improvised “Student Registry Office” worked at the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports on Valentine’s Day.

On this romantic day, all couples had the opportunity to register their student “marriage”, according to the family code of the Student Parliament of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports, where they state the mutual will of students for a joint family life.

The first couple who came to register was a third-year student majoring in “Physical Culture and Sports. Sports” Maksym Kuzenko Maxim with his girlfriend Olena Rozdorska.

Not without a comedy presentation with the registration of the sheikh Hussein Sajavani (Artem Knyagnitsky – third-year student, specialty “Secondary Education. Physical Culture”) with his harem: Haya, Galala, Aisha, Moza, Gulchatay.

In total, five marriages were registered, these couples who received congratulations and sweet prizes from the Directorate.

Also on this day, the Valentine’s post office worked as well as there were wall newspapers with congratulations on Valentine’s Day.


According to the ER IPES

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