Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Attestation at the ER ICA

The Institute of Culture and Arts has completed a large-scale stream of qualifying exams, certification and defense of master’s works.

During the graduation session, there were 4 commissions for the specialties “Musical Arts”, “Visual Arts”, “Choreography”, “Audiovisual Arts and Production”, “Cultural Studies”.

Representatives of the specialty “Choreography” began the certification. They demonstrated their own choreographic productions, in which they performed both as ballet masters and as performers. The committee evaluated not only the professional mastery of master students, but also artistry, ease of reading the plot, the compliance of the chosen tools with the main plan and the overall drawing of the performance.

Master students majoring in “Cultural Studies” and “Audiovisual Arts and Production” passed the exam, which in addition to the theoretical part contained the methodological development of a lecture on professional discipline. The master’s works pleased with relevant, interesting and non-standard topics, as well as many master students engaged in research, closely related to their own professional activities.

Master students majoring in “Visual Arts” defended their master’s theses and creative works. These works made in various techniques including oil painting, modular ceramics, etc. Thus, the master student Ivan Aprishko presented a comic strip, which he created and drew himself.

For the specialty “Musical Art” the testing cycle stretched for a whole week. Because it was necessary to hold an exam for each area of the specialty. Examinations of many specializations turned into original concerts. So, during the exam on pop singing, which took place on the stage, one had the impression that the bright future of master students had already begun.

During the exam on academic singing, the listeners seemed to be in the opera house, where belcanto masters perform. The following graduates received good grades: Anzhelika Ruban and Serhii Gladarov (academic singing), Olena Shmeleva (pop singing), Vladyslav Beloglazov (accordion), Anna Smetanina (flute), Oleksii Klochko (electric guitar), Violetta Bondarchuk (piano), etc.

Speaking about the master’s works it is worth noting the high level of materials and interesting topics chosen by young researchers.

The Institute of Culture and Arts is happy to show the world new talented and bright teachers, singers and artists.


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