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Master’s theses defense

On January 10-12, the defense of master’s theses began at the Department of Production Technology and Vocational Education. 

The master students specializing in “Secondary Education. Labor Education and Technology” and “Professional Education. Transport”, “Professional Education. Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products”, “Professional Education. Technology Products of Light Industry.”

Forty students were admitted to defend master’s theses, 3 examination commissions were formed, which evaluated student work for three days. The defense of all the works was accompanied by multimedia presentations prepared by students.

The first to defend their master’s work were students majoring in “Secondary Education. Labor Training and Technology.” 6 students were admitted to the defense, and the defense was held at a high level. The Commission noted the detailed report and the brilliant defense of the master’s work by Victoria Savinova and Oleksandr Zabavsky. Both students will receive an honors degree. Also excellent grades were received by students Serhii Khmelyk and Ivan Kyrylov. Two students received a good grade. Lets us note that three out of six students are already working as labor teachers.

On the same day, the defense of master students majoring in “Professional Education. Technology of Products of Light Industry” took place. The defense in this specialty is always creative. The girls demonstrated sewing garments, told about the technology of their sewing, showed economic calculations for the manufacture of these products. Yulia Beshenko defended her work very confidently. At the end, she received an excellent grade. The other two students got the grade well.

On January 10-11, students majoring in “Professional Education. Transport” defended their theses. 18 master students were allowed to defend. Most of the work performed in the engineering direction. It should be noted the excellent defense by students Roman Ryzhko and Oleksandr Stavitsky.

The next day, students majoring in “Vocational Education. Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products”. Among the students of this specialty, we note the brilliant defense of the master’s work by Evgen Masliyov, who will receive a diploma with honors and students Evgen Morozov, Serhii Yakuba, Oleksandr Salo, Mykola Denysenko and Oleg Kosharny. They got an excellent rating.

The members of the examination commissions noted the good preparation of the students and the content of their master’s works, as evidenced by good grades received by the master students.

Congratulations to all students and their scientific advisers on the successful defense of master’s theses.

We wish graduates health and success in their professional activities!


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