Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Defeats of “Univer” in the Championship of Starobilsk district

The Open Minifootball Championship of Starobilsk district is gaining momentum.

The team of our University (“Univer”) has already held five rounds, having received three victories and twice giving up: “Olimp” with a score of 9:4 and “Agrodar” in the fifth round, which finished on December 23 with a score of 11:5. Matches against these teams turned out to be difficult for our guys. “Olimp” is the favorite of the championship and therefore it is not so embarrassing to give in to this experienced team, because it participates not only in district competitions, but also regional ones.

What was the reason for the defeat of “Univer”? Firstly, our guys played without substitutions, there were no spare players on the bench, and they had two strengths for 25 minutes at a high pace. They did not have enough strength, therefore they “moved” to the end of the game. Secondly, team leaders Oleksii Kobets and the captain Ivan Nalyvaiko did not appear without valid reasons for the game. For unknown reasons, Vitalii Vasilyev missed several games. The game was also missed, possibly for valid reasons, by Pavlo Lyashko, Yevgen Abadin and Maksym Vinokurov. Artyom Skachkov (master student of the IPES) took the anti-university position; he refused to play for the “Univer” team in the championship, playing for Butovo.

With such an attitude to work, it is difficult for the team “Univer” to rise to the top of the tournament table and thereby strengthen the image of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. Therefore, “Univer” team players must remember this and do everything to glorify the University on the sports arena and to prove that the University lives and develops in such difficult conditions. I really hope that this turnout of players for the games will be the first and last time.


Petro Yaroshenko,
Sports Club Chairman

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