Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

New Year’s concert

According to the tradition, students and teachers of the Institute of Culture and Arts celebrated the end of the first semester with a New Year’s concert.

This year, the event simultaneously became a creative report for students of the pop singing specialization (teachers of the Department of Musical Art and Choreography L. V. Borisenko and A. V. Taran).

As always, students majoring in “Culturology” worked on developing the concept and scenario of the holiday, and students majoring in “Audiovisual Arts and Production” and “Visual Arts” under the guidance of A.V. Tereshchenko, a teacher of the Department of Culturology and Cinema and Television Arts, were involved in its embodiment on the stage.

On the stage, the mood of the New Year’s corporate party was reproduced with the involvement of the heroes of old tales in a modern manner: Koschey Immortal became Goth, Serpent Gorynych became an oligarch-deputy, Baba Yaga became the winner of the “Battle of psychics”. The main characters were the Student who re-educated the negative characters, as well as Saint Nicholas, who congratulated everyone on the upcoming holidays and recalled that good always triumphs, no matter how difficult it was.

The ethnic flavor of the holiday was added by a potpourri based on Transcarpathian folk dances, prepared by students majoring in “Choreography”.

Despite the rich academic schedule (after all, the end of the semester always requires increased concentration and maximum efforts to pass tests and exams successfully), during the concert, there was a festive and friendly atmosphere in the hall.

The Institute of Culture and Arts congratulates everyone on the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays and wishes you happiness!


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