Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Charity of FNS

A volunteer group of students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences joined the charity on St. Nicholas Day.

December 19, Ukrainian people celebrate St. Nicholas Day. The main idea of ​​the holiday is a feeling of unselfish goodness, the desire to give a spark of joy and hope.

On the initiative of a volunteer group of students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the Nicholas Workshop was opened. In this workshop, everyone had the opportunity to create his or her unrivaled greeting card for our military defenders for the Christmas holidays. On St. Nicholas Day, these postcards found their recipients: the students of the Faculty handed them over personally to our defenders.

This volunteer group visited the volunteer center “Starobilsk Spiders” on this bright holiday and gave presents to the military men.

Thanks to the “Starobilsk Spiders” volunteer center, these gifts will be delivered directly to the front line to our defenders. Our warriors will receive New Year trees, which were made for the competition “Ecological tree”, as well as bright greeting cards with warm and sincere words of gratitude and wishes of peace and good in the New Year. As well as the funds raised by the students at the Pokrovsk Fair, the Christmas goodies were purchased and handed over to the festive table.

With Christmas gifts and postcards, representatives of the volunteer group of the Faculty of Natural Sciences also visited the Luhansk Border Detachment. In a friendly atmosphere, the FNS thanked the border guards for the opportunity to live and study under a peaceful sky over their heads.

In turn, the border guards thanked the students and presented the diploma of the Luhansk frontier detachment “For a significant contribution to the improvement of the national-ideological, military-patriotic, cultural and aesthetic education of the servicemen of the Luhansk frontier detachment”.

On this day, the paratroopers’ brigade celebrated its 39th anniversary. As a gift, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences handed over the ecological New Year tree with words of gratitude and the most sincere wishes of success and good luck.

Students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and military personnel combine strong friendships and, like true friends, we try to celebrate all the holidays together.


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