Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Univer” in the Championship of Starobilsk district

On December 8, the Minifootball Championship of Starobilsk district started.

Thirteen teams of Starobilsk district will fight for the title of the district champion for three months. In the first round, the team of our University “Univer” confidently beat the team of the village of Baidovka with a score of 7:3. Oleksii Kobets was the first to score, who opened the scoring in the match. During the match, Oleksii three more times forced the citizens of Baidovka to start the game from the center of the field. Toward the close of the match, Dmytro Hryhorenko scored two goals. The seventh goal, from the penalty area, was led by the team captain Ivan Nalyvaiko. Maksym Popov played very well at the gate.

In the second round, our team was confronted by the “Olimp” team. This team is the favorite of the current championship, it successfully plays in competitions in recent years, always in the top three winners. “Olimp” also had serious intentions for this championship. In the first half, there was a sharp struggle on the field and “Univer” minimally conceded. In the second half, “Olimp” players, as more experienced in football battles, increase the pace of the game and the balls flew into the net of our gates, which were defended first by Maxim Popov. Later Roman Ulyanov replaced him. The match ended with a score of 9:4 in favor of the team “Olimp”.

In the third round, “Univer” beat the “Feniks” with a score of 10:2.

We wish the team success in this tournament!


Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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