Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Workshop of (not) children’s democracy”

In the city of Kreminna, there was a presentation and a report on the participation of students of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports in “Workshop of (not) children’s democracy”, which was held by the Youth Organization “STAN” in the city of Ternopil.

This event was attended by 25 young activists from the Luhansk region, including our students Oleksandra Nagarniuk, Valeria Ryzhkova, Olena Zinova, Viktoria Volodina, Bohdan Ochkasov. They shared their impressions of what they saw and heard.

In the practice of Ternopil, students had the opportunity to learn from peer experts of influence on decision-making by local authorities, learn about the best international practices of involving young people, familiarized with various forms and methods of young people’s influence on the life of their cities, as well as involve young people and decision-making. The local leaders who influence and form the city share their experience of their effective use.

In addition, participants met with young activists, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs. They learn more about youth programs that operate under the city council and regional administration. They also visited youth centers to study their influence on the life of the city.

Since August 2018, the Youth Organization “STAN” has been implementing a number of projects within the framework of the UNICEF program “Strengthening Viability and Enhancing Social Activity of Adolescents and Youth in Eastern Ukraine”, which is being implemented with the financial support of the European Union (EU). The goal of the project is to reduce the impact of the negative consequences of the conflict due to the increase and strengthening of public youth in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Students of our Institute recommend taking part in the next training event of this organization.

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