Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Dedication to Students – 2018

On December 12, the traditional event “Dedication to Students – 2018” took place at the ER IHIRSPS.

The celebration was attended by the chairman of the Supervisory Council of LTSNU, People’s Deputy of Ukraine and graduate of the Faculty of History in 1982 Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo. He congratulated the first-year students on their admission to the University and wished them success in their studies. The Rector of the University Serhii Viktorovych Savchenko joined the congratulations of young students. The Director of the Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences Anton Bader also addressed with the welcoming speech and wished inspiration and persistent study to students.

The students of the Institute reacted responsibly to the preparation of the holiday. Each group showed various theatrical, dance and musical performances, which were filled with humor and creativity of the artists.

The scene “A Case in the Family of Political Scientists” satirically depicts the life of ordinary political scientists in typical circumstances with all the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the miniatures “Acquaintance of the first-year student with the experienced residents of the hostel” and “Typical meeting of students in the hostel” truthfully depict the life of students in the hostel, their usual problems and their solutions.

The 2nd year students majoring in “Sociology”, thanks to the performance, showed the audience how they passed their first session. The advice that they provided freshmen, will be remembered for a long time. Viktoria Lysenko congratulated the audience with the song “Halia Baluvana”.

The highlight of the holiday was the restoration of the traditional greeting from the 4th year students. According to the old tradition graduates showed a dramatized tale where the names of each first-year student were used.

Young students in response to the greeting prepared their own performances, which allowed senior students and teachers to remember their first days at the University. Svitlana Chernyshova presented to all those present a song in English, after which the sacrament of initiation began.

An initiation at the History Faculty is an extraordinary sight. In complete darkness in the light of torches, senior students in the guise of Herodotus and Athens, together with the entire hall proclaim the student’s oath. Freshmen swear to respect and preserve the traditions of the University and to work fruitfully for its development.

A surprise for freshmen was the theatrical performance of teachers of the Institute, which is also a tradition. Anton Bader, Igor Zhurba and Yuliya Nuzhna spoke to students in unusual new roles and gave the audience unforgettable emotions.

Enchanting finale of the holiday was the performance of the anthem of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences. Students and teachers could not hold back tears of joy and pride for their native Institute!


Serhii Teriaev,
Press Center of LTSNU


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