Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Dedication of freshmen

On December 6, the dedication of freshmen of the Faculty of Natural Sciences was held.

The dedication took place in the Starobilsk Secondary School No. 4. The organizers of the event this year were students-participants of the League of Laughter, the Faculty of Natural Sciences. They prepared a festive program to show student life in all its glory. The “Freshman Life” scene showed the difficulties that students would have to contend with during the session and student life in general. As they say, a student lives from session to session, and second and third year students told how to survive their first session. A real surprise for freshmen was the scene “A typical day in the dean’s office of the FNS”, where teachers and students exchanged places.

Senior students warmly welcomed their younger friends, who in turn showed off their own talents and showed what they had learned during the period of study. The performance of the first-year students majoring in “Agronomy” showed how they are creative. In addition, freshmen majoring in “Forestry” and “Landscape Gardening” congratulated all those present with a song about how much they managed to love the University and their Faculty.

The student’s oath is one of the most important attributes of the dedication; the students have sworn to abide by the laws of student life, to protect and value their Alma Mater and to love their native Faculty of Natural Sciences. Nataliia Yuriivna Matsai, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, congratulated the students on their dedication, and according to the good tradition, passed on the light of knowledge to their first-year students and wished them success in their studies.


Serhii Teriaev,
Press Center of LTSNU

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