Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Kitchen of the Peoples of the World”

The Faculty of Foreign Languages hosted the event “Kitchen of Peoples of the World”.

The faculty event “Kitchen of Peoples of the World” was renewed and conducted for students of all courses and specialties of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Each group of students prepared a presentation of different countries, such as England, Germany, China, Japan, Belarus, Brazil, America, France, and Turkmenistan.

Students of the Department of Foreign Languages prepared and presented national dishes of the countries. Presentations were held in national clothes, which allowed all spectators to penetrate even more into the atmosphere of different countries and cultures. Students also prepared songs and dances from different countries of the world, interesting sketches and invited all spectators to taste national dishes prepared by themselves.

We thank our students for such a delicious and bright holiday and wish them immaculate creativity and creativity!

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of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

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