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Educational hour for students

The Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports held an educational hour for students majoring in Physical Culture and Physical Therapy. Ergotherapy.

The educational hour was dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the birth of Oleksii Dmytrovych Butovskyi, an outstanding figure of physical culture and sports, a member of the first team and one of the founders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the modern Olympic movement.

The educational hour was held with the participation of the LOO NOC of Ukraine and the LOO of the Olympic Academy of the NOC of Ukraine. A presentation was made by S.N. Galiy, chairman of the Luhansk Branch of the Olympic Academy, head of the Sports Disciplines Department.

During the conversation, a quiz was held on some issues of the history of the Olympic movement both in Ukraine and in the Luhansk region. The most active participants of the quiz were Viktoria Volodina (4th year student, specialty “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy)”, Ivan Boyarchuk (1st year student, specialty Secondary Education. Physical Education”). They were awarded with prizes of the LOO NOC of Ukraine.

The name of Butovskyi has been forgotten in Ukraine until some time ago. Although his activities during the life of Oleksii Dmytrovych left a significant mark not only in the history of the Olympic movement. The lieutenant-general of the engineering troops taught physical training, a theoretical course on the history of arts, painting, history of physical culture, and conducted practical training on fencing, shooting, gymnastics, and outdoor games.

But Butovskyi gained popularity in the world thanks to his acquaintance with Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and his common views on the development of sports and the revival of the Olympic Games.

He is the author of more than 70 publications on physical education and its history. Oleksii Dmytrovych Butovskyi attached great importance to the training of a sports teacher in his writings. He believed that the teacher should understand the purpose and place of each exercise in the general physical education system, and also be able to use it so that the goal is achieved with the least difficulty for the student and with the greatest benefit for his physical development. Oleksii Butovskyi tried to implement these ideas in his many years of teaching work.

We hope that future teachers will draw much valuable from the fundamental works of one of the brightest figures of the Olympic movement of the late XIX – early XX century.


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