Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Creative exhibition

On November 29, Within the celebration of the anniversary of the ER ICSTT, a creative exhibition of works by students of the Design Department was held at the University.

The teachers, students, staff and guests of the University came to look at the pictures. The exhibition was facilitated by the Luhansk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after M. Gorky, for which the students of the Department are very grateful.

Several expositions were represented at the event. One of them was the exhibition “Through the streets of Starobilsk”, performed by first and second year students, which included works by Anastasia Kartushenko, Olga Phedzhian, Alina Kuchma, Ksenia Lavka and others.

Guests had the opportunity to evaluate personal exhibitions of works. “Unbreakable line, or designers through the eyes of designers” – the title of the exposition by the 2-year student majoring in “Graphic Design” Angelina Chepel. Her technique is not simple; she creates portraits of her groupmates without removing the pen from the paper. It is hard to imagine that you can create such masterpieces with an ordinary ballpoint pen.

A lot of attention was attracted by the exhibition of creative works by Tetiana Kurus – 1-year student majoring in “Environment Design”. Each composition conveyed its mood, and was drawn by a certain technique: gouache, colored pencils and in the technique of application.

The exposition “Feelings” by the 2nd year student majoring in “Graphic Design” Olena Ivanova captured students into real captivity. Her works are a demonstration of her own expression and feelings, which she portrays: “Shock”, “Tenderness”, “Joy” and many others.

Also at the exhibition were presented works in the genre of caricatures, which, by the way, the teachers liked very much. Each of them could recognize himself in the student work. You can see all the works in the section “Creative Spotlight” on the university website.

Serhii Teriaev,
Press Center of LTSNU

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