Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Round Table

November 28, 2018 a round table “The Implementation of the Ideas of the New Ukrainian School: State and Prospects” was held at the Department of Preschool and Primary Education.

Professor V.V. Dokuchaeva, who uncovered the problem of updating the system of training future primary school teachers and tutors in the context of the ideas of the New Ukrainian School, became the moderator of the round table.

Within the framework of the round table, topical issues were discussed, namely: the idea of ​​integrating the content of education in the elementary school (Ph.D., Associate Professor L.A. Varyanitsya), features of teaching the integrated course “I Explore the World” (Ph.D. M.A. Epihina), specificity of teaching mathematics in the modern elementary school (O. Dudnik), features of formative assessment of first-grade pupils (Ph.D., Associate Professor S.A. Bader).

Interesting for the participants was the simulation of the intellectual map, which reflected the ideas of integrating the content of education in the New Ukrainian School. Teachers and students presented their achievements, discussed problematic issues, and shared their impressions.


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