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In the city of Poltava, students of LSNU took part in the “Uncounted” campaign.

November 24 at the Theater Square, the city of Poltava, the action “Uncounted” was held. The students of the Institute of Culture and Arts joined this action, that was action was organized by the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. It took place in six cities where there are centers of the Academy and was intended to show how difficult it was for Ukrainians at that time.

“Uncounted” is a symbolic name, because the exact number of people killed by the artificial famine, which the Soviet government arranged, is still unknown. During the performance, students of the UAL conducted a performance that was supposed to show how it was when two people die in the open air every 5 seconds. They fell on the snow and pavement, and after a while rose and joined hands, which symbolized the unity and courage of the Ukrainians who survived this horror.

Also, everyone was invited to try the “worst soup” – a decoction of bark, cones and branches, thanks to which people survived in those terrible times. Volunteers handed out tiny bundles with pieces of bread and facts about the Holodomor.

After the action, students and teachers joined the procession in order to commemorate the victims of the Holodomor.


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