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Holodomor Victims Remembrance Day

An event dedicated to the Holodomor Victims Remembrance Day was held in the Starobilsk Children’s and Youth Library.

This Day is annually marked in Ukraine on the fourth Saturday of November. The famine in Ukraine lasted 17 months (from April 1932 to November 1933). Researchers cite different numbers of those killed during the famine: 7, 9, and 10 million. Taking into account indirect victims (due to cannibalism, repression, suicides on the basis of mental disorder and social collapse), according to approximate estimates, the famine killed 14 million people. The peak of the famine came in the spring of 1933. In Ukraine, 20 people died every minute from hunger, 1,000 every hour, more than 25 thousand every day.

Employees and students majoring in Social Work of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences of LTSNU took part in the dramatized presentation “Letters of Death 1932-1933”.

The theatrical performance presented by the students struck every viewer to the depths of the soul. The dance of Ukraine with Holodomor and the symbolic burial of unborn children made even the most discreet guests of the event cry.

Light a candle of memory. We remember …


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