Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Educational hour at the ER ICSTT

On November 21, an educational hour dedicated to the history of the Day of Dignity and Freedom was held at the ER ICSTT. 

The event was organized by the curators of academic groups and the Deputy Director for Social and Humanitarian Work Mykhailo Chumak.

After the event, a minute of silence honored the memory of those killed during the Revolution of Dignity and on the front line in the struggle for the independence and freedom of Ukraine. It is extremely important for young people to know and remember about the events that took place from November 2013 to February 2014.

The future of each country is determined by the youth, because it is the youth as a progressive part of society that determines the way in which the country will develop in the coming years. For the long history of the Ukrainian state, students have repeatedly become the vanguard in the struggle for the freedom of expression of the will of the Ukrainian people, giving up the most precious thing in this struggle – freedom and life! The independence gained in 1991is too expensive to neglect and be indifferent. Unfortunately, the process of struggle is not yet complete. The events of five years ago and the war with the aggressor in the east of the country only confirm this. The students should know the difficult history of the path to independence and be worthy successors in the development of the free Ukraine.

In addition to those who died for the freedom of the Ukrainian people, we must remember every day about the defenders of the Motherland, who for four years in a row every day protect Ukraine from insidious military attacks from the aggressor country. The words of support and faith have great power for our heroes on the line of struggle.

On the initiative of the student self-government of the ER ICSTT, on the Day of Dignity and Freedom, an action “Write a Letter to the Defender of Ukraine” was held among students of the Institute. On November 21, students brought letters and drawings to the military personnel of the armed forces of Ukraine to the institute’s directorate. In the letters, students thank the courageous warriors for the struggle for peace, wish a happy future, good health, etc. And the most important thing that each of the students wrote and wished was to return to their native home alive, after long months and years of separation, to embrace their loved ones! So that the children wait for their mothers and fathers, and in the eyes of their parents there were only tears of joy from the fact that the children returned home and never leave them for so long.


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