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Scientific work

The scientific work of the staff of the Department of Production Technology and Vocational Education.

The good nutrition is the most important factor affecting the health of a modern person. The structure of nutrition of the population of Ukraine does not meet modern principles of rational nutrition and practical dietetics. In recent years, the interest of researchers, nutritionists to functional foods has increased. In a broad sense, functional foods include those products that can reduce the risk of disease or affect favorably on human health.

One of the types of such products can be multicomponent semi-finished products and products with a pasty structure, containing in its composition raw materials of plant and animal origin, and products of processing of hydrobionts.

One of the most valuable sources of biologically active substances are marine and freshwater organisms that constantly inhabit the aquatic environment (hydrobionts). The staff of the Department of Production Technologies and Vocational Education within the framework of the scientific topic “Stuffed semi-finished products using products of hydrobiont processing” developed minced semi-finished products containing an increased amount of substances useful for the human body that can level the negative impact on health of harmful environmental factors, remove radionuclides from the body and improve general condition of the human body.

To confirm the functional properties of minced meat according to the new recipes, the staff of the Department in the framework of scientific cooperation with the Institute of Problems of Endocrine Pathology named after V.Ya. Danilevsky conduct preclinical studies of the effectiveness of minced meat. Laboratory studies are carried out on biological objects in the Kharkiv vivarium of the Institute. When conducting research, a high level of consumption of the products studied by the animals, good physiological indicators of animals of the experimental group, and weight gain are noted. Research is still ongoing and their final data will be obtained in the course of laboratory analysis of bioobjects.


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