Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Meeting with an inspector of juvenile prevention

A meeting of students with an inspector of juvenile prevention was held at the College of LTSNU.

On October 26, the inspector of juvenile prevention of the Juvenile Prevention Sector of the Starobilsk Department in Luhansk region, police captain Anna Nikolaieva held preventive discussions with students of the College on the topics: “Preventing the use of alcohol and tobacco in public places” and “Family violence”.

During the conversation of the police representative with the students, situations of common offenses among young people regarding the drinking of alcoholic beverages were modeled, smoking was not available for this purpose, and ways to prevent them were explained.

 Anna explained to college students their rights to commit violence or other unlawful acts against them; she paid special attention to domestic violence, its causes and consequences.

“Child abuse and adolescent violence is a problem of the state and every conscious person. Any violent acts of a physical or psychological nature that violate a person’s rights and freedoms in any case cause moral or mental harm to a person. We should not hold back the facts of ill-treatment of a person under any circumstances, because neglecting the problem will only complicate the situation and may lead to irreparable consequences,” –the inspector of juvenile prevention said.

It would be desirable that each child, before taking a step into adult life, should be well aware of his rights and obligations and always be able to find the right way out of a difficult life situation.


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