Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Artistic and tourist holiday

On October 20, an art-tourist holiday “Autumn in Stargorod” took place in the city of Starobilsk, based on the works by Ilya Ilf and Yevgen Petrov.

Within the holiday at 12.30 on the Gogol Square near the monument to the protagonist of the novel “12 chairs” Ostap Bender, the tours of the streets of our city were held for the guests of the event.

The Deputy Director of the Research and Educational Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism M.M. Chumak and teacher of the Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business Ya.E. Moroz joined the preparation and organization of excursions for pupils of general education and primary schools of the city, students of educational institutions of Starobilsk.

The walking excursions were conducted by students of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism -Yelyzaveta Liaschenko and Yevgen Kobzarev. The participants of the excursion were told the history of the foundation of Starobilsk, its formation as a center of the economic and educational life of the region in different historical times. Special attention during the excursions was deserved by famous figures who lived in Starobilsk, and forever left their mark on the history of the city. Interesting for the participants of the excursions were the archival information related to the primary names of the streets of the city and on what basis they received their names. Additionally, Yelyzaveta Lyaschenko and Yevgen Kobzarev prepared interesting portfolios with photographic material and short interesting extracts from the life of the city and its citizens.

The interesting traditions of the city, which developed over the centuries and touched upon the questions of the most famous legends of Starobilsk, which give our city an easy charm of secrets that many generations of old-timers and guests of the city try to unravel, were not ignored.


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