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BURLAB training

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism became listeners of the BURLAB training.

The project “Building Ukraine Together” was created in summer 2014 by the charity organization “Lviv Educational Foundation”, as a volunteer project that, through joint work on restoring homes for families in a crisis of war in eastern Ukraine, unites Ukrainian youth into a network of active citizens.

On October 5, a ten-day training course BURLAB started in the village of Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The purpose of the training is the formation of teams of active and caring youth, who should embody their own social and business projects in the cities of Ukraine. Secondly, the purpose is providing maximum information and tools to volunteers in project management, in the field of fundraising and public relations). Our students Olena Ivanova and Angelina Chepel performed with the project “Creating Murals in the City of Starobilsk”. They prepared for this presentation under the guidance of specialists.

Girls are active volunteers who seek to develop culture, show and tell people about the historical significance of our city, change the gray walls of Starobilsk to attractive tourist places and bright photo zones. Female students study graphic design, so the subject of monumental painting is very close to them.

We sincerely wish the team creative inspiration and the implementation of all plans!


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