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“Modern Slavery: Man is NOT for sale!”

The freshmen of Faculty of Foreign Languages on October 18, 2018 participated in the work of the information wall “Modern Slavery: Man is NOT for sale!”.

The event took place in Poltava Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after I.P. Kotlyarevsky. The students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages had the opportunity to read important information related to modern slavery and counteraction to trafficking in human beings. These materials have been developed by the international program IREX in Ukraine.

The freshmen were present at the press conference, in the debate on Labor Migration, visited the STOP Human Trafficking!, the media room of the Window to America Center and the cinema hall “Man is NOT for Sale”, where they saw the broadcast of artistic, documentary, short films and social videos on the theme “Countering human trafficking” and “Smart consumption”.

Today it is extremely important to know how to apply the information in real life, so the students of Faculty of Foreign Languages also learned how to prevent trafficking and what to do if they or someone from their loved ones or acquaintances fell into this situation.

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