Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

International Student Sport Day

Students of LTSNU took part in regional competitions dedicated to the International Student Sport Day.

The International Student Sport Day was established by the General Conference of UNESCO and is traditionally held on September 20. The main goal of sports events on this day is to attract students to active physical education and create conditions for higher education institutions to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This year on September 20, regional student competitions were held in the city of Rubizhne. The men’s team of our University took part in beach volleyball. Our boys have become the best in this tournament. The team consisted of Yurii Shcherbak (ER ICSTT) and representatives of College of LTSNU Danylo Pysanyi and Bohdan Ruzhin. Our team did not give any chance to its rivals, confidently defeating them. In the final match they outplayed the team of the ER IPES.

The team in streetball supported the successful start of our “beach men”. The team included representatives of the IPES Dmytro Karpenko and Vitalii Kondratenko, as well as a student of the FNS Oleksandr Kulachko. Our streetball players dominated other rivals, and climbed to the top step of the podium.

One step ahead of the championship was our women’s streetball team, consisting of Yana Kagala and Tetiana Kvasova from the ER IPP and Valeria Gorelova from the ER IPES. In the internal confrontation against the Rubizhne Polytechnic College, our girls gave way and took the second step of the podium. The third were representatives of the Lysychansk Pedagogical College.

Sports competitions of the regional level have been started. There is a large sports program for the academic year 2018-2019. In early October, futsal tournaments for men’s and women’s teams will start, as well as a personal championship in track and field athletics.


Head of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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