Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Health Day in Kreminna

The planned event “Health Day” was held in the Institute of Physical Education and Sports (the city of Kreminna).

The holiday is organized with the purpose of popularization of a healthy way of life. In our time, health is not only the absence of disease, but also the physical, psychological, social harmony of a person, his benevolent attitude to other people, and to the environment.

The whole day passed in one breath. First were classes, and then – fun games, contests, relay races and entertainment in a great place. The city of Kreminna has fabulous landscapes, picturesque pine forest, and clean air.

Congratulations to our winners in the competitions: the team “220 Volt” (specialty “Physical Culture and Sports. Sports”), the team” Physically Educated” (specialties” Secondary Education. Physical Culture”) and the team “Dandelions” (specialty” Human Health “and” Physical Rehabilitation”) – as always, friendship won! All the participants received special prizes from the Director of the ER IPES Yurii Mykhailovych Polulyashchenko, he also wished everyone success in their studies and sports achievements!

In addition, a delicious Kulesh will remain in the memory of students and teachers for a long time.

We wish good health, inspiration and spiritual harmony to all students and teachers!


According to the information of the ER IPES

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