Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

FNS celebrated birthday of the Smiley

The Faculty of Natural Sciences joined to the celebration of birthday of the Smiley. 

At the initiative of student government, students and teachers of the Faculty conducted a flashmob for the birthday of the smiley.

For 36 years, a lot of “emoticons” appeared, which bear different semantic and emotional colors. However, the first yellow “smiling circle” still does not lose its popularity around the world.

The yellow color is a symbol of the sun and joy, therefore it is one of the colors of our Faculty of Natural Sciences. On this day students and staff of FNS dressed in yellow outfits and formed an image of a smiling smiley. Our Faculty has two symbolic colors, and therefore the eyes and smile of our smiley were decorated with green balls, which symbolizes nature.

At the end of the flash mob, students had the opportunity to make a lot of bright and joyful photos.

The student-teaching staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences congratulates everyone on the holiday of the smiley and wishes sunny and joyful mood every day!


According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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