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Handball in the city of Kreminna!

The first handball match between the student teams was held at the Institute of Physical Education and Sports (the city of Kreminna).

Handball is the most dynamic sports game, during which it is necessary to make quick decisions.

In 1961, the men’s handball team “Burevestnik” was created in LTSNU, which repeatedly participated in the Ukrainian Championships, Super League and Eurocups.

The Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports hosted the first handball match between the teams of students of the 2nd and 3rd year dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year. The game took place in a stubborn struggle; there were goals, removals, and penalties like in ordinary handball. The third-year students won with a score of 10:4. The match aroused great interest among students who supported their teams and teachers.

As a result, it was decided to hold in spring 2019 competitions for the cup of the Institute, dedicated to the memory of the Honored Coach of Ukraine Hennadii Maksymov.

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