Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Hello, Friend!”

On September 14 the event dedicated to meeting with freshmen “Hello, Friend!” was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

On a bright, sunny autumn day, students and teachers of the Faculty of Natural Sciences as a big and united family gathered at the traditional event “Hello, Friend!”, which was combined with the holiday “Health Day”.

This holiday began with the greetings of the Rector of the University Serhii Savchenko, followed by a welcoming speech by the curator of our Faculty, Dean N. Yu. Matsai. Then each specialty presented their presentations, which in original form reflected their features. The following teams were represented:

  • “Lemons” – specialty “Biology” (curator is D.S. Sharai);
  • “People in white” – specialty “Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment” (curator is N.M. Tverdokhleb);
  • “Stars of the Continents” – specialty “Geography” (curator is A. V. Gavriushenko);
  • “Sparta” – specialty “Agronomy” (curator is N.A. Korzhova);
  • “Guardians of the Earth” – specialty “Ecology” (curator is L.V. Koroletska);
  • “Forest keepers” and “Gardeners” – specialties “Forestry” and “Garden and park economy” (curator is Ye.I. Bordiugova).

After this, the teams in the field went on a journey along the planned route, whose stations were formed to perform tasks with a traditional natural character. Students, together with their curators, traveled with pleasure stations, demonstrating their skills to jump, run and think creatively. At each station, the tasks were different; the teams participated with interest and enthusiasm in competitions that tested their willingness to set up a tent, the ability to use a sleeping bag, quickly light a fire, be able to safely overcome obstacles during excursions in nature and, if necessary, provide first aid.

Also students participated in sports sport competitions including tug of war and playing football.

During the lunch break, the students relished the field porridge, which was cooked by the senior students according to their own recipe. But what could be savoring porridge without a song by the fire? The whole staff of the Faculty gathered in a friendly circle and traditionally sang field songs.

According to the results of the competitions, all the teams received awards and sweets. The event ended with the traditional execution of the hymn of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the circle of the student-teaching family.


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