Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Health Day 2018

The Health Day was held in the structural subdivisions of the University.

On the autumn warm days it has become a tradition for the university family to go out into nature, get acquainted with first-year students, participate in competitions and contests, taste the field porridge and gain strength, health and inspiration for the whole academic year.

Recently, the Health Day took place at the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications; the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business and the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism.

This is a traditional event, the goal of which is to attract freshmen to the social and cultural life of the subdivisions, which in turn enables students to enter the amicable family of “Shevchenko’s University”. A casual conversation at a campfire in nature makes the collective closer.

The holiday was attended by the Rector of LTSNU Serhii Savchenko, Pro-Rectors for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksandr Babichev and Oleksandr Meniailenko and the Head of the Primary Trade Union Organization Volodymyr Moroz.

Within the framework of the event, sports competitions and a kind of stand-up show were organized. The students divided into teams. Each team had to choose its name associated with the national symbols and introduce themselves and the favorite dish of Ukrainian cuisine. The second round is a traditional contest of cooking kulesh among the structural subdivisions. Unfortunately, the jury could not choose the winner. In such cases, they say, that friendship wins!

The culmination of the holiday was the delivery of letters of appreciation, gratitude and sweet gifts. Students returned home in a good mood and as real friends; and the next day they asked the teachers when such bright events would be held.


Maryna Chumakova,
Press Center of LTSNU

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