Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Health Day in the IPP

On September 11, the Health Day took place at the ER IPP with servicemen, real weapons and field kitchen, Cossack kulesh and compote.

The staff of teachers and students of the ER IPP together with the administration, military students, teachers of the Physical Education Department left for the Health Day in the Birch Grove, the city of Starobilsk.

Warm sunny weather, autumn forest, high spirits, and spirit of collectivism – this is the atmosphere in which students, teachers and defenders of our Fatherland immersed.

The Rector S.V. Savchenko, the Vice-Rectors for Scientific and Pedagogical Work O.I. Babichev, O.S. Meniailenko, the Director of the ER IPP O.L. Karaman, Deputy Directors V.F. Pushko, O. N. Tsalapova, opened the event.

There was a surprise in the grove: our defenders are servicemen who defend Ukrainian sovereignty and independence in the extreme east on a daily basis, deploy an improvised military training ground, and display modern weapons of the Ukrainian army. Everything was here: submachine guns, machine guns, armored cars … The guys organized real master classes: they told about all types of weapons, modern form of servicemen, demonstrated the skills of disassembling and assembling the machine, allowed to hold the weapon in the hands of all comers, to change into soldiers and the like.

The students were lined up with students and teachers who brought down a lot of questions about the modern army and military service, military tasks that are being carried out in the east of Ukraine, etc.

And how many emotions there were when students were allowed to disassemble and collect automatic machines! Some girls were even highly appreciated by instructors.

The next surprise was a new military mission – orientation on the terrain. According to special assignments and guidelines, students completely coped with the tasks!

However, the main surprise for all participants of the Health Day was in the future. The military chef and his assistants unfolded a real soldier’s field kitchen in the meadow of the grove, welded Cossack kulesh, tasty compote and herbal tea.

Students, and teachers, and members of the University Administration approached the chef several times for the addition, thanked him for his skill and unsurpassed taste of the dish.

After refreshing, the students began to compete under the leadership of P. Yaroshenko and N. Haiduk, and then demonstrated their own culinary abilities under the leadership of student self-government bodies of the ER IPP.

Students were divided into 8 teams in the specialties. Each team prepared a presentation: the name of the team and the motto, the song, the favorite dish.

The mottos and names of the teams were the following: “Psychosomes” (2P), “Rescuers” (2 SP), “Heavenly Path” (2SOs), “Posipacki” (1P), “Starfish” (1 PO), etc.

But most of all present was surprised by the awareness of students in the preparation of national dishes, which were evaluated by the most objective judges – military students. They distributed seats among the participants:

  • 1st place – “Rescuers” – “Home charlotka”.
  • 2nd place – “Heavenly Path” – Cake “Health Day in the ER IPP”.
  • 3rd place – “Murtady” – “Cake with apostates”.
  • 4th place – 2 PO – “Home student pies”.

Other dishes were also submitted for the competition: pancakes with meat, Crab salad, salad “Smiley”, fruit salad, muffins “Rainbow” “Student pizza”.

None of the participants was left without prizes.

A little bit tired, but with funny jokes and vivid memories, students returned from the event that united them, made them feel the team spirit and involvement in the big and glorious family of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, as well as pride in our modern Ukrainian army.

The nature of Starobilsk is really magical! Therefore, appreciate every day of golden autumn, gain health, energy, inspiration …. In fact, there is a whole academic year ahead, bright and rich!


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