Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

World Powerlifting Championships

World Sub-Junior & Junior Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2018 was held In South Africa. Here interesting events took place.

The fact is that in one category (up to 105 kg) there were two world champions of different years, who both are from Donbas! Oleksandr Rubets, world champion among juniors in 2016 from the city of Mariupol and Danylo Kovaliov – master student majoring in “Physical Culture and Sports. Sport “, the world champion among juniors in 2017.

Running ahead, all the gold and silver medals in the three exercises were played between our boys, without the slightest chance for other rivals!

In squatting, the result of Oleksandr is 410 kg and Danylo’s result is 380 kg.

In bench press, the struggle between them was on world records! In the second attempt, Kovaliov conquered 300.5 kg, Rubets in the third set a new barrier – 301 kg. But the last word was behind Daniel and he easily set the new world top for juniors – 301.5 kg!

As a result of three successful attempts, Kovaliov became the silver medalist of the World Championships with the sum of 1004 kg!

The graduate of the ER IPES A.N. Bychkov and the Associate Professor of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports V.G. Saienko coached the silver medalist and world record holder Danylo Kovaliov.  


Congratulations to our record holder!

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