Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Laboratory and practical classes

Students of the ER ICSTT specializing in hotel and restaurant business had laboratory and practical classes.

Laboratory and practical classes in this form allow testing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the student. The students quickly mastered their positions in the student kitchen and each clearly performed their duties. Students cleverly cleared potatoes, prepared sour cream sauce and shared family recipes at the same time.

A group of children has mastered the ways of making potatoes baked, in which an aromatic crispy crust forms outside, and the potato remains juicy inside. Also they decided with what it is best to serve the potatoes later. It should be greens or ripe tomatoes, which excite appetite and emphasize the taste of baked potatoes.

A group of girls was convinced that the main thing in cooking is to withstand the temperature regime and observe all the subtleties of cooking technology.

Nobody left indifferent to the cooking pancakes. Culinary products pleased the students with their lace edges and ruddy surface. According to the tradition, the first pancake turned out to be a “lump”.

Students showed their knowledge of cooking various dishes from vegetables, eggs, as well as ways to design ready meals. Information about the nutritional properties of these products and the rules for their storage was brought to light. It should be noted the work of the student of the GRS-2 group Vitalii Berezhnyi.

Teachers of the discipline noted the students’ good preparation for this event.             


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