Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The first record in the studio

The first-year students majoring in Audiovisual Arts and Production together with the curator and the head of the Department visited the Poltava Regional State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “Ltava”.

The excursion took place within the framework of the subject “Introduction to the specialty”.

Olena M. Nykyforenko, who works as an announcer on the radio “Ltava” and is the first-year master student of the Institute of Culture and Arts, conducted an excursion around the building of the TV and radio company. The students were shown a new studio, a hardware room, and a wardrobe room. So, they got a chance to fully look behind the scenes of the TV production process.

Also there was an acquaintance with the staff of the Studio. Students visited the studio, where radio programs are regularly recorded. The most interesting thing started when the students tried themselves in the role of announcers on the radio, took each other a small interview, read out the texts.

Olena Mykolaivna shared her experience and professional secrets, and afterwards students received their records and listened to them.


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