Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Book – to the IPP

Today, representatives of the Civil-Military Cooperation Department came to the IPP and presented 130 copies of vocabulary, educational and scientific literature.

The Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology continues cooperation with representatives of the Civil-Military Cooperation Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was established in 2015. The men have repeatedly conducted classes with students of the ER IPP on the rules of safe conduct in the zone of OCF, the use of personal protective equipment, legal issues, handling of weapons and the like. Together they assisted the civilian population in solving vital problems with the use of military and non-military forces and assets. In this work, students and military personnel share a common goal – the formation of a positive public opinion about the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the provision of favorable conditions for the fulfillment of tasks and functions assigned to them in the conditions of a hybrid war in the Donbas.

This time, these representatives prepared a gift for students of the ER IPP on the occasion of the start of the new academic year. They became intermediaries between the Institute and the “Give a Book” Club (Kyiv), which since 2016 has been engaged in charity (free) collection and transfer of educational and fiction literature to socially vulnerable groups of children and adults in need of such assistance.

Thus, the Club has already provided assistance to our University (549 books.), as well as the Luhansk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A. Gorky (Starobilsk), Luhansk orphanage for orphans (Lysychansk), the Library for Children of Starobilsk, etc.

Now the fund of the scientific library of the University will be supplemented by literature in almost all branches of knowledge, for which the training of specialists is carried out. The Director of the  ER IPP Olena Karaman, Deputy Director Vira Pushko, Director of the Scientific Library M. Pochinkova, head of the Department Of Philological Disciplines N. Mordovtseva, students enthusiastically reviewed the books and thanked our defenders and the club “Give a book!” For valuable gifts.


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