Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Day of the Flag of Ukraine in Kreminna

The Day of the National Flag of Ukraine is celebrated in Kreminna. 

On August 23, a solemn ceremony of raising the National Flag of Ukraine took place at the Alley of Memory of Heroes of Ukraine on Shevchenko street.

In the morning the leaders of the district and the city, guests of Kreminna from Lviv region, delegation from organizations and institutions, the public, youth gathered at the stela with the bas-relief of Taras Shevchenko.

The chairman of the Kreminna District State Administration Natalia Chekhuta as well as the chairman of the District Council Volodymyr Prokopenko, the mayor Yurii Prokopenko, the chairman of the Turkovskiy District Council Volodymyr Lozyuk and the chairman of the Radekhiv District Council Maria Klimochko delivered a welcoming speech.

The Day of the Ukrainian National Flag is celebrated both in Ukraine and abroad. It is more than a state attribute, it is more than a symbol for many of us. our ancestors fought for it, as well as for Ukraine’s acquisition of statehood and independence,. This struggle continues even now!

After the solemn meeting on the Day of the State Flag, the patriotic run of motorists and motorcyclists passed through the district center.

Initiative and patriotic indifferent people of the Kreminna community, with the support of the District State Administration and the District Council, drove through the city streets, decorating their transport with blue and yellow flags. This action is designed to attract the attention of residents to the main holidays of our country and remind them of the price paid by patriots of Ukraine for independence.

Nearly three dozen drivers joined the action, military men and guests from Lviv region, as well as the director of the educational and research institute of physical education and sports Yurii Polulyashchenko and the deputy director Oleksandr Brusak were invited to the celebrations of the Flag Day of Ukraine.

The final stage of the event was the ceremony of raising the State Flag of Ukraine near the sports complex “Olimp”. The honorable right to raise the State Flag of Ukraine was entrusted to the director of the Olimp, the Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine – Yuri Volodymyrovych Ishchenko and the Director of the ER IPES, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine – Yurii Mykhailovych Polulyashchenko.

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