Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Entrance exams began

July 21, 2018 the entrance exams on the educational degree “Bachelor” began at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

Only those categories of applicants, who have been granted such a right by the Rules of Admission 2018, participate in the entrance exams. Among them are participants of military operations that defended and continue to defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, participate in the Operation of the Joint Forces and ensure its conduct.

A new category of students appeared at the University in 2016 and now we have received education of 546 combatants.

In 2018, 185 applications were submitted to the University Admission Committee by the applicants-military men for the educational degree “Bachelor”. The reception of documents for admission to the magistracy continues until July 27, 2018.

The specialties “Social Work. Social Pedagogy. Practical Psychology”, “Forestry”, “Ecology”, “Computer Engineering”, “Physical Culture and Sports” are the most popular among military personnel.  

Strong and friendly relations have developed with the military men at the University, starting from 2014. The University has become the second home for our defenders: almost every day they visit it, meet with students, talk about their small Motherland, traditions and customs.

In addition to receiving higher education, military students perform a high mission of educating the younger generation in the most difficult political, social and economic region of Ukraine, which daily undergoes a purposeful and powerful military and information attack. Representing different regions of Ukraine, in particular the Western regions, they participate in all cultural and educational events, debunking the myths about the “polarity” of the East and the West, educating the student’s respectful and tolerant attitude to the diversity of cultural traditions in Ukraine, forming a positive image of the defender of the Fatherland.

In 2018, many defenders of the Fatherland expressed a desire to enter our higher educational institution, taking into account the high reputation, powerful educational and scientific potential, courage and perseverance of the University during the Russian aggression.

Higher education for servicemen is not only a confident future, but also a means of preventing or eliminating negative psychological conditions, personal deformities that can develop in them due to the constant presence in the atmosphere of excessive security, secrecy and the regime of vital activity.

We are convinced that only highly educated people with a formed scientific worldview, creative thinking, the ability to make quick decisions in non-standard situations will be able to build a new country.

Dear defenders of the Fatherland! Thank you for your heroic contribution to upholding Ukrainian sovereignty and independence. For all of us, teachers and students, you are a vivid example of courage, perseverance, love for the Motherland, high moral qualities. We believe that Ukraine will won!


According to the Admission Committee

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