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Attestation of Graduates

From June 7 to 9 graduates were certified at the Department of Production Technology and Professional Education.

The administration of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism has prepared all the necessary documentation: summary progress sheets for all the years of study, orders for admission to a comprehensive exam and to the defense of the thesis project. The presented documentation meets the requirements for the organization of the educational process and the certification of graduates. The staff of the Department of Production Technology and Professional Education conducted a thorough organizational work to prepare for certification: comfortable auditoriums for all types of attestation of graduates, timetables for duty and the like. During the whole term of certification, the examination committee worked in a coherent, businesslike atmosphere.

Four examination committees were formed, which within three days evaluated the work of students.

In total, 84 bachelor’s degrees were admitted to attestation in six specialties.

The certification of graduates began with the writing by students majoring in “Vocational Education” in five areas and majoring in “Secondary Education. Labor Training and Technology” of the comprehensive exam on pedagogy and the theory and methodology of professional and labor training. Examination tickets contained questions of the theoretical plan and creative questions of the methodology of teaching the disciplines of the profile of training.

Then the students began to defense the final qualifying works. Defense of students of all specialties was accompanied by multimedia presentations.

Students majoring in “Secondary Education. Labor Training and Technology” presented work commissions aimed at improving the teaching methodology of certain sections of the subject “Labor Training” . The student Oksana Nesterenko defended her work perfectly.

Work of students majoring in  “Vocational Education. Transport” are devoted to the examination of the technology of repair of individual vehicle units, as well as the organization of work on car repair sites.

Dmytro Kuzminov and Bogdan Ishchenko defended their works perfectly.  

Bright defense of his work was presented by a student from China Yang Peng, who told about his work and confidently answered the questions of the members of the examination committee.

The graduation works of students majoring in “Vocational Education. Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products” were devoted to the technology of repairing agricultural machinery, improving the performance of agricultural machinery units. Among the students of this specialty, Vitalii Shovkoplyas, Oleksandr Chernukha, Anzhelika Storozheva were the best.

The diploma theses of students majoring in “Vocational Education. Food Technologies” are focused on the disclosure of topical issues related to the organization of management in restaurants, development of new culinary dishes and products, design of modern workshops of restaurants. Graduates, during the defense of their theses, proved that they can solve complex professional problems, work with informational sources, logically and reasonably present the material, use scientific methods to analyze problems and substantiate decisions on the subject of professional activity, master modern methods of scientific study, use the acquired skills to develop proposals and recommendations on the subject of the study. Students demonstrated a general high level of execution of the project part of the assignment in most diploma projects. High professional level of defense of diploma projects was demonstrated by students Liana Belousova, Oleksii Wozniak, Vladislav Kostiuk, Olga Krivonos.

Students majoring in “Vocational Education. Technology of Light Industry Products” finished the attestation of graduates. Defense in this specialty always passes brightly. The girls showed sewn garments, told about the technology of their tailoring, demonstrated the economic calculations for the manufacture of these products. The student Anastasia Rozhkova defended her work very confidently.

In parallel, one commission worked in the city of Rubizhne. There, students majoring in  “Vocational Education. Service Sector” defended their works. They talked about improving the technology of repair certain units of home appliances, the organization of service centers for the repair of household appliances. The most confident was the defense of the work by the student Yulia Pavlova.

The results of the state examinations testify to the high level of theoretical and practical training of graduates of the Department.

The lecturers of the Department of Production Technology and Professional Education can confidently assert that they are satisfied with the results of their work and are proud of their graduates!

Congratulations to all students on the successful completion of the state certification and the degree “Bachelor”.


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