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Open-air practice

On June 9, the two-week open-air practice of the first-year academic group majoring in “Design” finished.

When preparing a designer at the higher educational institution, an open practice is the important basis. This is because the study of the natural environment of the surrounding world in the educational process is given a significant place. Close contact with nature contributes to the effective development of the creative thinking of a future specialist.

On June 9, the two-week open-air practice of the first-year academic group of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism majoring in “Design” ended. The picturesque nature of Starobilsk, with its inherent harmony and integrity, has become a source of inspiration, knowledge, analysis and reflection of ideas that future designers used to work in the open air.

The open-air practice for the specialty “Design” solves several problems: acquisition and consolidation of skills in academic disciplines, such as drawing, painting; collecting of material for further use and processing by visual means; development of creative activity, creative abilities, emotional perception, imaginative thinking, artistic needs in creating creative ideas for students.

Working in the open air contributed to the enrichment of creative experience, the study of plant and other natural forms, as well as their further rethinking.

During the practice, students not only gained solid skills in performing plein air drawings, sketches, but also had fun with their peers, so they enjoyed visiting classes in the picturesque places of the city with great pleasure.


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