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Project closure

On May 30, the project “Access Alumni Technology Project in Poltava” with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine was closed in Poltava.

The head of this project was the Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation of the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”, Candidate of Philological Sciences Valentyna Ishchenko, and the postgraduate student of the Department of Algebra and Systems Analysis Yana Krivorotko.

The training program consisted of classes in English in the field of IT and the creation of IT-applications. The project provided an opportunity for graduates of the Access program in several cities of Ukraine to deepen their knowledge of English in the IT field, develop theoretical and practical skills in programming and creating mobile applications.

Within the framework of the project, students created a spectrum of popular mobile applications of different directions and applications: genre and application games, own Messenger, graphic editor and applications for remote control.

In May, the participants joined the worldwide “Arduino Day-2018” and “European MakerWeek”, where they presented the development of creative projects on the Arduino platform.

The project “Smart House” is a combination of modern information technologies and robotics, a set of smart devices, including a home weather station (allows you to see the current air temperature in the street and in the room, the probability of rain and humidity), security, energy-saving and component management home (autonomous and manual control of turning off and turning on the sound, lights, alarms, closing and opening windows, doors) with the help of the properly created mobile application.


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