Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Pre-defense of theses

May 15-17 at the Department of Production Technologies and Vocational Education the preliminary defense of the diploma projects was held by the fourth-year students of all specialties.

At the beginning, the Department held a general meeting for students. Viktor Drel, Director of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism, congratulated students on the successful completion of the students’ training. He also talked about the procedure for conducting state attestation.

Then, Viktor Burdun, the head of the Department, spoke in more detail about conducting a comprehensive examination in the specialty and defense of the final qualifying work. He acquainted those present with the schedule of examinations and the defense of the diploma projects. The meeting was completed by the Associate Professor of the Department Oleksandr A. Beseda, who spoke about the ways to defend the diploma projects, emphasized the students’ attention to the most important issues of defense.

Within three days, the students presented their diploma projects. The commission of the Department in the composition of V.V. Burdun, S.V. Maslieva, A.A. Beseda and G.N. Grishshina carefully listened to the reports of students, studied and analyzed their projects. During the presentation of the reports, the commission members made significant remarks and suggested that they finalize the work with the scientific advisers, complete the work and pass it in a stitched form to the Department.


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