Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка


Registration for the Unified Entrance Examination in Foreign Language began.

From May 14 to June 5, registration for the Unified Entrance Examination in a foreign language begins for the Master’s degree in all forms of study in the specialties:

032 History and Archeology,
034 Culturology,
051 The economy,
052 Political science,
053 Psychology,
054 Sociology,
061 Journalism,
241 Hotel and restaurant business,
242 Tourism, International relations, public communications and regional studios.

If the entrant arrives on cross-entry, then it is necessary to pass additional professional examinations, which will be held from May 14 to May 31.

A single professional entrance exam for a foreign language will be held on July 11, 2018.

Applicants who have medical evidence, as well as persons discharged from military service (including those demobilized) after March 31, 2018, are exempt from passage of VNO.

Test assignments in a foreign language are compiled in accordance with the program of external independent assessment in foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, for people who wish to receive higher education on the basis of a complete general secondary education approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on February 03 2016 No. 77, with the exception of the tasks of the parts “Written speech” and “Understanding of speech by ear”.

The procedure for organizing and conducting introductory tests conducted using organizational and technological processes for external independent evaluation for admission to the second (master) level of higher education in 2018.

For detailed information, please contact the specialists of the Admission Committee of the University: 097-446-88-13, 095-40-777-27.

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